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Why is the internet so bad in Oxford in the evening?

I'm in the OX1 area, and the internet is so bad that I can't even google something cause it takes ages. I'm actually writing this on my phone, with mobile internet turned on. Is it that hard to have a decent internet in UK? I come from a Eastern Europe country, where people are poor, but the internet is 100 times better and at a fair price.

Can someone let me know what's happening? Are they doing 'mainteinance work' or what?
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Re: Why is the internet so bad in Oxford in the evening?

Hello justahero,


Welcome to the community. It's nice to have you here.


Sorry to read you are having an issue with your broadband connection.


I would like to help further and check your connection for any issues, however I was unable to locate your account. If you can send me a Private Message confirming your name and address, I can look further into this.


Look forward to hearing from you 


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