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Why does my Broadband suck?

Virgin Broadband is total **bleep**. 200mbps being paid for, with 200min talk plan and NO tv as tv 'M' is actually LESS freeview channels than on an Aerial! I have had speed of 12mbps since beggining December... many many calls to the customer service... sometimes cut off aftet 40 mins! Last call got through and 1.15mins later got nowhere, told was high usage! Then why the hell do I have to pay for 200 if I could pay a fiver for 12 I do get? I could get better speed with dial up modem from 1990's!

They blamed my equipment... (Multi award winning Asus Router rated as one of the best out there!). Sent me latest hub to 'fix' problem. Did jack and also dumped with another contract without being even told! Internet drops completely sometimes.

Am I just being conned into paying for a broadband speed that doesn't exist? Well enough pain had here. I want to quit Virgin as seems they will never sort it out. And dumping on a new contract for your own damn rubbish faults us just Disgusting!!!


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