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Why can't you make the compensation process easy!

I pay for 150mbps and often get single digit mbps, I'm lucky if I get anywhere near 40-50 but it happens sometimes. Area 20.

My issue is that you make it so time consuming to report and claim for problems.  I think it's about time Virgin started issuing compensation by default to problem areas without having to call, sit on hold, go through the mundane 'tests' that I've already done because it's a common problem, only for the 'engineer' (cough cough) to eventually admit there's an issue. Why should I spend my time constantly complaining and asking for compensation EVERY TIME! I don't bother and I guess that's what you hope for. No-one has the time to bother. 

I would like to be able to login, report an issue then be compensated when the issue is fixed.

My service cost has gradually increased a couple of pounds here a few pounds there over the years to almost double what I signed up for all those years ago. I very rarely use the TV and phone and as the best I seem to get from my 150Mbps service is around 40 then I am considering Sky or BT.

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Re: Why can't you make the compensation process easy!

Ah, but then VM would have to admit to long term (And wide ranging.) problems, and compensate (Tens of.) thousands of customers. Smiley Wink

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