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Why am I using Virgin?

I have been a virgin broadband user since it was Blueyonder and I had 512k.

I have been on the 200Mbps package for a while now.  According to everything I know, my download speeds should max out at around 25MBps but I never seem to get more than 12MBps with an actual average of around 8MBps.

On top of this my upload speed is a rather pathetic 12Mbps which is very poor.

So, what am I paying the full price for when I get less than half the service.  I am aware of the rules regarding usage, and for the most part I do adhere to the rule of not utilizing all available bandwidth during peak times, but why am I paying for a 200Mbps service, that I do not get and if I did get it I can not actually use it without breaking your rules?

Having been a customer for so long now I cannot recall when I joined, I am now considering a move to BT, who although they only offer around 80Mbps speed, at least I will get that as well as a faster upload speed.

I realise they have a 25GB per month cap, but to be honest I cant see how I can do that with Virgin because if I try they simply slow me down so it takes an age,

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Re: Why am I using Virgin?

If you are capping around 12MB at any time of day I would suggest your equipment may be holding you back to a 10/100 connection as that's the rough ceiling you will hit on one. You need a full gigabit connection to get above that ceiling.

If you go higher than that in the morning then disregard.

This is all assuming you are using wired tests and not wireless?

BT do unlimited packages as well I believe, not just data capped ones.
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