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Where is the 100Mbps speed upgrade?

Hi All

I was contacted over 2 months ago by Virgin media Web team for a free upgrade to 100Mbps

Signed up online, email reply from VM Webteam stated it would be done in a 'few days'. We are still waiting

I've queried with the call centre on numerous occasions, either get an automated message or I am told that the department that deals with this is uncontactable by both call centre and customer (what?!?!?)

I'm approaching the last 3 months of my contract and sales team told me I would get a 'free' upgrade if I decided to extend my contract by another year!

Bit of a silly carrot and stick, right?

Why make promises to customers you don't intend to keep?

To add insult to injury they sell retentions on the basis of free upgrade to 100Mbps which they don't intent or want to deliver.

I've logged in to my account for a speed test, that hasn't changed anything

Can someone from the Virgin Team give me a straight answer of when I will get my upgrade otherwise I don't want to give my continuing business to an ISP that treats its customers like fools



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