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What will come first?

Will VM get their finger out and supply an infrastructure capable of giving customers the speeds they are expecting (and paying for) or will the number of angry customers leaving in favour of a better service free up the bandwidth? 

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Re: What will come first?

2nd point has a better chance, much, much better chance. VM are now not the best ISP, there are others , but alas very sparse.


All the information I provide is available on Google Search, I just make it simple for you Smiley Happy
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Re: What will come first?

I vote 1st choice. People are like magpies flocking to the 200Mbs package as if it makes a difference to them. And now the mis-titled 'gamer' package (worse for gamers due to hub3 issues!) that no gamer needs.

I wish it was the 2nd as that would honestly get things solved due to pressure on getting fixes, but realistically it won't happen. Heck when you think how many people are on a line when it's over utilizied, compared to the amount of people complaining about each line, it's minimal. A lot of people may not even notice the terrible performance or are just non-chalant about it.
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Re: What will come first?

Hey mojouk1,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


I've just this moment replied to your other post regarding this here, if we could stick to one thread per topic it'll help us keep in touch.


Speak with you soon,

Take care.


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