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West London evening speeds throttled by 95%


I live in West London, VM area 21, and since last 3 months my evening download speeds drop from 50mbps to 2mbps. Upload isn't affected. This happens every single day from 7PM to 23PM. 

I used to have 100MB and had this issue since May 2016, where my speeds would drop to 5mbps, also a 95% cut. In November I downgraded my package to 50mbps and now I can't even watch amazon video, netflix, youtube or any other streaming service. I can't even do a skype or whatsapp call with my family. 

I complained back in November and they told me there was an ongoing issue in my area since May 2016, and the expected resolution would be November 28th. Of course nothing happened (at the time they told me the resolution would be in June), they just keep pushing the dates forward every 2 or 3 weeks. 

I understand the network can be busier at peak times and speeds may be throttled a bit, but 95% is totally unacceptable. I wouldn't even notice if you throttled my speed from 50 to 30, which is already a lot, let alone to 2mbps.

When I downgraded my package my contracted had already finished. Now I regret my decision, I should have just cancelled and changed to a different provider. I've tried to call support a couple of times, I always get to a queue where the wait times is around 15 minutes, the funny thing is, the call drops sometimes after 13 mins, sometimes after 14. Seriously?? 

Can someone from VM contact me, please?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: West London evening speeds throttled by 95%

Hey there mfelicio,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear that you're struggling with slow speeds, I appreciate you posting your speed test results for us to see.


I've tested your connection and I can see the fault in your area under reference: F003402163. This fault is responsible for reducing speeds during peak time hours and it will be reviewed on the 8th Feb.


When this fault ticket is reviewed we will have more info for you. Please get back to us on or after the review date.


Many thanks for your patience,

Take care.


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