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Vivid 200 so slow

We was on vivid 100 and getting 10mb downloads during peak hours due to over utilisation, have put up with it for best part of a year.
So we decided to leave, phoned up, but got promised if we moved to vivid 200 for the same price, we would get faster performance than bt infinity which is who we was going to go with, during peak times.
However so far by the time 9am comes about it is below 120mb, by 1pm it is around 80mb and come 7pm it is as low as 13mb, so at this time im getting just above 5% of what we pay for.
So im sorry to say virgin but you have lost another customer due to your greed and adding more people to your already over crowded network.
Im still in my 14 days grace period so will get that cancelled and move on to bt.
To think i have been with virgin since the blueyonder days.
Fair well.
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Re: Vivid 200 so slow

Hey there fenixriot,


Thanks for your post Smiley Happy


I've just this moment replied to your other post. Please accept my apologies for the problems with your service, if I can do anything to help, just ask.


Take care,


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