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Vivid 200 - Really slow speeds

Hello virgin users. I am current a virgin media member using the vivid 200 Gamer. But the past 2 weeks now i have been getting speeds of 50Kbps to 1Mbps from 8am - 12am. And from 12am-7am i am getting speeds of 20-30Mbps. This only just started happening and its really un-usable. Given that i am unable to get any sort of work done or play any online games due to how slow the speeds are. 

I have tested the modem at a friends house and i am getting the 200Mbps speed, But when taking it home and plugging it in, i still get the 1Mbps, I have tried multiple things to get it working, Had virgin staff come on my computer and test my network, but nothing. I can list some pictures below containing the stats of my modem.





Network Log.png






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