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Virgin media is slowing down again...BS119EJ

Hello dear everyone who reads this complaining customer.

First of all I do apologize for any bad words in my post, this is how i reduce my frustration level.

So 45 £ every month, 120Mbps downstream 11,7Mbps upstream

Location: Bristol - Avonmouth BS11 ***

Upstream works like a charm ... but I forgot to copy the entire internet on my computer and now I need that bloody downstream up and running as it should.

Same story every day... I do understand peak time... but seriously... streams can't keep up on that ****.

Fun fact is... on my LTE mobile internet from EE I have much better quality of service in peak time and after peek time too.

I can't use this helpline because my time is valuable and I will not spend 30 minutes or more waiting for help team witch in most cases got less knowledge about network equipment and configuration than myself.

Is it really that hard for company big as virgin media to create simple script for the router witch will shutdown ethernet and Wi-Fi to preform test for quality of connection?

Well done Virgin media again, and I do not blame your stuff and all people working for virgin media who follows the rules, only people who are there to make decisions greedy ********* basically who calculate own profit instead of company as a united corporation.

Best regards for those who care.




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Re: Virgin media is slowing down again...BS119EJ

Hey Seb,


Thanks for your post Smiley Very Happy


Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear about the fault in your area, I completely appreciate your frustrations, it's the same for us when we don't have good news to report.


The current review date is the 11th Jan, please get back to us on or after the review date for more info.


Thanks for your patience,

Take care.


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