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Virgin Media Package Price Survey

What the heck is all that about with the survey they sent me?

Imagine now that Virgin Media was to increase the MONTHLY price for your current Virgin Media Broadband package. What level of price increase would you consider to be each of the following? 

Note that we’re looking for how much EXTRA you’d be paying per month, not the total new price. 
Please enter an amount into each of the boxes below.
What a load of hassle.
Fact is I find it amusing that VM sends me mails / information telling me I get a free speed upgrade then a month or two later the price goes up to "improve" services etc. It's just bait and switch. It's not free if we're being charged for it two months later. That's what I think. Shame there's no way to state that in these surveys instead of these carefully crafted questions.
And where are these improvements? I've got a mobile app for tracking my mobile bill which is next to worthless and insists I connect using MOBILE internet instead of my home wifi or I'm having to keep authorizing it to use my wifi. The VM cabinet I am connected to has had it's door hanging off for weeks if not months. Online billing is nothing special. So where are these improvements other than dangling this so called "Free" speed boost in my face which I later end up paying for?
I don't know. If you want to give me a survey at least ask me questions that matter.
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Re: Virgin Media Package Price Survey

Are you sure this is a genuine survey and not a phishing exercise?



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