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Virgin Business 200Mbps not running at 200Mbps - any ideas?

Just got Virgin Media for Business Set up with a quoted 200Mbps download speed. First thing I did was head to speedtest to check the speed and got 198Mbps over WiFi (5GHz) - impressive. Similar over ethernet.

Wifi result:

However, on every other speed test site or any download, regardless which site it is from, I have not been able to achieve anything even close to this. All tests done within about 10 minutes of each other with several on that showed the same 198-202Mbps.

On I got 108.6 Mbps

On I got 60.39 Mbps

On I got 48.58Mbps

On I got 134.26 Mbps

On is got 70Mbps

Downloading a video on vimeo gave 9MB/s - equivalent to 72Mbps

In short , the only site that shows 200Mbps is speedtest, no other speed test site or actual download comes close. Any ideas why this could be or how I can go about fixing it? It's almost as though when my device hits, I get all of the bandwidth to achieve the fastest possible result, but for any other site or regular download, this doesn't happen, hence why they are so much lower and more sporadic. Incidentally, the WiFi has 'kicked' a couple of people in the office off and stopped working a couple of times, though only for a few minutes.

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Re: Virgin Business 200Mbps not running at 200Mbps - any ideas?

This is quite a common problem on Virgin Media (in certain areas anyway) related to very poor single thread download speeds. uses many download threads to completely saturate your connection, but most of the others use fewer (or only a single) thread.

There is a long topic about this problem here and after about 50 pages we don't really have a conclusive answer from Virgin Media, but it appears to be something which will gradually be resolved as upgrades are rolled out. My connection suffered from this problem until I was switched to a new CMTS in December and since then performance has been much better.

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Re: Virgin Business 200Mbps not running at 200Mbps - any ideas?

Hello there edstennett,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community Smiley Happy

Great to hear that you've joined our Business service. We're only trained to support residential users here, however you can get in touch with Business Tech Support off this link.

Additionally I will leave this thread open in hope than other members of the community might have something to add.

Thanks again for posting,

Take care.


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