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Virgin Broaband Speed Boost (or decrease as the case may be) 02 area

Good Evening guys,  I'm currently at a loss with the service being provided by VM,  after having my patience tested over the past 2 months I feel I no longer want to be with Virgin Media as the service levels for the price paid are quite frankly appalling,  so I'll talk you through my latest experiences with the service provided since my free "upgrade" to 50mb/s service in early October.

As soon as the upgrade went live the issues started,  whilst I would put myself as a heavy user of data,  I tend to stream a lot of content and do like to online game,  however this is almost impossible if the young one decides to watch a youtube video the service cannot handle more then one device being connected whether that be the other half streaming music on Spotify or even just website browsing.

After several calls to VM staff in the call centre,  some of which genuinely tried to help but the majority just tried to fob me off with technicalities however I think I am quite internet savvy so I wasn't easily deterred.

So on the 27th October we phoned up to be told there is a service Issue that required a engineer,  this however was unrelated to speed issues on the VM service page,  and has now changed for several reasons ranging from "Email access" to "Account management" along with this the fix date was pushed back again and again it is currently down for 16th November and I fully expect it to be pushed back again several more times.

Today we phoned again to be told that the service is showing as double figures being sent to our modem however on testing (hardwired) the speeds were 1.56 MB/s  down 3.4 up (the upload has remained steady)  I realise the line is heavily over utilised however I would expect a minimum or 10mb/s speed on the line and frankly I would be satisfied with that,  it would meet my needs and then some.   I ran some tests and found that packet loss and ping were fine,  so decided to phone up again at which point the usual fun of turning off the router and the gentleman most likely fiddling with the power settings and advising all my issues would be fixed in 45 minutes (I wasnt convinced and it seems I am correct about my skepticism)  so here we are with my long rant,  and I appreciate it if you have had the patience to read this far.

I'm now looking at options such as terminating my contract,  however im contracted till May do I have grounds to terminate early?   Or is there any thing i may have missed to rectify my issues.


Please find attached a picture of my speed tests from the past few days/weeks


Thanks KindlySpeedboostSpeedboost 

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Re: Virgin Broaband Speed Boost (or decrease as the case may be) 02 area

Hey lomez1316,


Thanks for posting, welcome to the forum!


Sorry to hear that you're not getting the speeds you've scribed too, I know this is irritating.


Checking your connection I can see a fault in your area under ref: F004885860 which is due for review on the 14th Dec. This fault is known for causing slow speeds and will especially affect you during peak time hours (evenings and weekends).


I know this isn't the best of news and I do apologise. How is your speed during off peak hours?


Catch you soon,

Take care.


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