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Virgin BB-TV-Phone availability. NR11

didnt know where to post this, so posting the question here.

Ive been a Virgin member with Broadband, TV and phone for 7-8 years in Slough. As a family we have decided to move to Norfolk for a more relaxed life style, a little village in NR11 called Roughton. One thing that is very sparse around this neck of the woods is another Broadband supplier other than BT and thats an "up to 50mb" connection and many disconnects a day. No other TV supplier other than BT, or Sky.

Being a Virgin customer through from HD box and the sexy Tivo box i believe that this is the best service there is at the moment, streaming on-demand high quality videos, rather than Sky's downloading, the higher speeds which we have always paid for when they come out. Currently 300mb with virgin.

BT are really monopolising the supply around here as you have no other choice but to use BT or a copper wire provider and Sky TV to ensure a decent (Smiley LOL) service from a well know supplier.

When we first managed to get Virgin, we received a flyer through our door about fibre broadband imminently becoming available. Call a number and get booked in. Calling the number and they didnt have a clue. Then i joined this forum and posted something online. Someone gave me a salesman's number and i called him and 2 months later fibre broadband, Telephone and glorious Virgin HD TV was installed.

What i'm hoping for is something similar to this, some foresight, expectation, hope that Virgin will reach me here. Even if i'm a test subject! I am not looking forward to calling up to cancel and advising i'm moving only to be told we dont have a service in that area. Virgin Media is available (according uswitch) which is only 6-7 miles away from Roughton with an exchange (Hanworth) on route. They even have Virgin (again according to USwitch) in Cromer which is past Roughton only 3 miles away by car?

Please help provide a service here, more competition for the dismal service BT provides.

Smiley Mad

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