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Very slow broadband speed

I've posted this message twice now and it's mysteriously disappearing... 

Anyway, I'm paying for a 200mb service but for some time it's been slowing down to about 50-70mb between 7pm and 11pm every night. For the last couple of nights however it's been 5-7mb.

I've rung technical support who said there's a fault and it should improve within the next few days, but is scheduled to be completed by August 2017! 

I need some reliable info here - is this a problem that will be fixed any time soon or is a network provisioning issue that will rumble on for months? I'm not paying for 200mb and only getting 5-7mb, so we'll part company if it's the latter scenario but I'd appreciate an honest answer (I'd also appreciate my thread not being deleted again thanks). 

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Re: Very slow broadband speed

Ah, that'll be call centre speak for over utilisation (The August review date is the give away.). Review dates come and go with no solution, so don't hold your breath. You should get a F Number from VM, which you can use to claim a tiny amount off of your monthly bill until it's fixed (Could be months, could be years. Nobody will tell you.).

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