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Very slow and unacceptable speeds at night - NW3

This concerns a new installation of Virgin Media which I started used in Jan 2017. Since this point I have never had acceptable speeds after around 6pm. At the end of Jan I was told there was a fault in the area that was going to be fixed by Feb 8th 2017. Although this was some weeks away I was satisfied to wait. Some days after Feb 8th I checked the connection again and realizing that the service was still appalling, i called again and was told that I would have to wait until May 2017 until the fault was fixed! So that is FOUR MONTHS! 

From around 6pm speeds vary from between 0.2mbps > 2.7mbps (Down) and 0.5mbps > 3mbps (Up). Oddly upload speeds are often faster than download. These speeds are terrible and far below the service minimum based on network usage. 

I have been given a small reduction on my bill but this is not commensurate with the loss of service at key times. I work from home and rely on the internet for my work. I have had to revert to my 4G mobile connection on multiple occasions and have had to pay extra for that to another provider. 

I am posting this as I have no way to email Virgin Media and refuse to sit on the phone waiting to get through to have to talk to someone about this again.

Lastly, the service status for my postcode registering a 'no faults' - this is patently not true. 

I would like:

1. An update on the fault repair status and detailed information about

2. Further compensation for loss of service, lost earnings and extra charges on my Mobile 4G connection (02). 

3. To know what the process is if I want to break contract with Virgin and move to BT. 

Please can someone from Virgin contact me to discuss this asap. I do not want to have to follow this up myself any more. 


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Re: Very slow and unacceptable speeds at night - NW3

Hey alexeisenberg,

Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear about the fault in your area, I've taken a look and I can see fault: F003395649 is active and is being reviewed on the 10th May. Please note this is a review date, we don't provide fix dates for these faults as there's many factors which can cause delays beyond our control, with that in mind we work towards review dates. When the fault ticketed is reviewed we will have updated information on the progress and status of the fault.

In regards to your credit, you are entitled to a loss of service credit, this is a set amount based on your package, we don't compensate of loss of earnings I'm sorry as you're using a residential service. You might want to look into our Business packages if you intend on relying on your internet connection for work purposes.

I will drop you a PM (purple envelope, top right) to confirm the loss of service credit.

Speak with you soon,

Take care.


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