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Very disapointing upgrade speed

I currently live in a shared house with 5 others house members, we previously had a standard virgin internet plan and was getting between 20-30mbps.

After some searching around for internet that could accommodate the amount of people in the house we went for the Vivid 200 Fibre Broadband deal, which appealed to us as it mentioned 10+ device support. After a lengthy phone call to the sales woman she assured me that at our address (PO12) we would be getting speeds of between 180-200mbps.

However since the upgrade we are getting an even lower speed then before! We are lucky to get 10mbps! I have never felt so cheated in my life, I have been on the phone to Virgin Media at least 10 times, tried everything they said, with no luck at all.

On the last phone call they told me that it was because the box on the street needed to be upgraded? The upgrade was meant to happen around the 20th December, now telling us its the end of January.

I am completely shocked with Virgin Media about this, you should not be allowed to sell a service if you cannot supply.... I was assured when I purchased the package that we would be getting speeds of at least 180mbps at my address (PO12).

Has anyone else had an experience like this and can tell me if there is anything else I should be doing, because I am fed up of not being able to watch a youtube video at even 240p quality - especially for the price we are paying per month... ridiculous. 

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