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Very Slow Speeds Superhub 3

So I have been with Virgin Media for years and years, and have progressed through the highest available speeds as and when available. I am a youtuber so I always need the best speeds to be able to work.

I recently upgraded to Superhub 3 and VIVID Gaming 200 Optical Fibre

However I have noticed intermittently throughout the day my speeds will drop from 200 MB download to around 10-15 MB. Which is ludicrous, I am paying money for a service I cannot utilise, which is necessary for me to be able to work. I can't even watch a twitch stream without it buffering every 10 minutes.

It wouldn't be "high traffic" as it happens randomly throughout the day.

Also, I have never suffered to this degree in loss of speed in my entire history of being online, and especially under Virgin Media and when I used the previous Superhub 2. 


What is going on and why is this happening? I am using the exact set up I have used for the past 2 years with no problems whatsoever until now.

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Re: Very Slow Speeds Superhub 3

Hello easynow1337


Welcome to our forum, I am sorry you are having problems with slow speeds, I wonder what is going on. Area traffic is quite low, the odd peak in the evening that may impact you but not too bad. At the moment the hub downstreams are borderline low SNR so this may be an issue, probably best to let an engineer take a look. I will send you a forum private message to arrange an appointment, please reply when you have a moment.


Thank you


Virgin Media Forum Team
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