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Very Slow Download Speed in 03/SE London.

Is anyone else experiencing really slow download speeds in my area? I have Vivid 200 & it 'should' be 158.74Mbps during peak or 191.5Mbps - 24hr average (VM's figures, not mine. Using the speed test app VM has mentioned, I'm getting 119.2Mbps download at the moment. No, I haven't got lots of things downloading, in fact my pc is off & I'm just using my tablet. This isn't really a whinge as I know there are many factors involved, just curious. I know my area is an old girl when it comes to cable- I've started with Cable & Wireless then TeleWest (they could be the other way round) & I snuck a peak at the junction cabinet down the road when an engineer was working. I have to say I'm amazed that those guys/gals can find anything in there. Spaghetti Junction has nothing on it. The important point is, having super duper a Vivid broadband is great but have the cabinets been tidied? I was without service last year, one engineer fixed it, it went again because a separate engineer (working on another job), accidentally pulled my cable out. The number of homes in my immediate area has tripled, if not quadrupled in the last 2 years. I know that engineers/technicians must dread getting call outs to my road but every engineer who's visited me has been brilliant. Didn't always fix the problem but gave me technical info & did treat me like an old biddy. 

Why am I writing this? Well, as I said, curiosity, but also, I have a visit booked for a Thursday to install an extra box & tweak things so I am hoping that the 'cabinet of doom' as I affectionately call it, behaves.

Just a thought VM Powers That Be, is there any mileage in sorting out cabinets, removing redundant cables (homes that no longer have VM) & making SE25 a place that engineers 'fight' to come & visit?

To reiterate, maybe I've been lucky, but every engineer who's visited has been on time, cheerful, professional & never patronising.

Ooh, long post, sorry!

Always learning!
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