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Terribly intermittent speed

Is anyone else in Manchester (Area 20) having issues with speed being dire most of the day? I'm lucky to average about 8-9mbps on a 70mbps line.

I'm more than familiar with congestion and SNR / routing issues but I've never had such a poor WAN connection without there being at least some form of issue communicated by the provider.

It seems to me that cable is no longer any better than DSL if we're competing for bandwidth on a contention ratio as if we were all connected to an over subscribed DSLAM on a poor ADSL back bone. (Anyone who's ever had ADSL will know what I mean when I say it's absolute poo).

Having lived in many places Virgin has always been my go to when available. Honestly though, if I'm paying a for a so called better service and getting speed managed during peak hours I may as well get myself a cheaper ADSL connection because this is what it feels like I'm getting.

Online diagnostics done last night. No change but then this morning.. Excellent, I'm syncing about 60-70. Can't argue with that.

But now I can't even update my damn Xbox or stream without packet loss. Now, having ran trace routes I know where the traffic is routing and for what it's worth, my own diagnostics that confirm that, yup..... "Peak" traffic shaping is probably happening.

Explanation? Is there a fault?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Terribly intermittent speed

Hello subliminalsmurf,


Very sorry to hear you're experiencing slow speeds and I would like to welcome you to the community.


I have located your account and I can see there are upgrades underway to support the increased demands for our services, once this has been complete it should eliminate any slow speed issues.


I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing and someone will be in touch soon to discuss credit options.


Kind regards

Forum Team

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