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Terrible service/Speed/Bill issues

Absolutely furious with the service i have had over the last 2-3months. I have been a virgin customer for 7-8 years now and until recently i have had no complaints. However since january my internet (mostly in the evenings) runs at 1-3mb every single day! My first call back at the beggining of february resulted in me being told updates were being done in my area due to increase in demand and this could go on until possibly June. After telling the asvisor this was unacceptable she agreed to credit my account IN FULL for that month and i was to ring up each month after if inwas still having issues/upgrades still being done and i would be credited in full each month until the service was back to normal. However come direct debit day virgin took my subscription in full which resulted in a 2nd call to customer services where again the advisor acknowledged the issues and the previous advisor credited me for the following month and not the current one. I was advised to make an indemnity claim at my bank on the direct debit and that she had sorted the issue for me confirming i didnt have to pay until the following month (april/unless issues were still on going) however once again i have received a bill for 2 months and a late charge!! A late charge for a payment i was told to make an indemnity claim on and fault was admitted on virgins behalf. So yet again today i spent near AN HOUR on the phone after a manager failed to ring me back as requested yet again, i finally got put through to the manager who was only willing to wave my late fee with absoloutley no interest into what i had to say. So basically 2months down the line after numerous calls which cost a lot of money im still at square one. Terrible internet connection, bad service and absoloutley no communications between themselves as no one knew what was going on. After ten years as a customer almost inreally did expect better service. Can anyone please help me on here as to what to do? I have never ever missed a payment but refuse to pay for the service ive received and whilst these issues are on going, how can you be expected to pay in full? Please help

A very disgruntled customer

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Re: Terrible service/Speed/Bill issues

Hi Stuart

I appreciate you taking the time to post to us about your billing concerns and apologise that the issues with your broadband speed are preventing you from currently enjoying the services as you have done previously.

I know it's being worked on and there is a reference number for this of F004132365

The teams have looked into the credits for the service loss and have applied this for you accordingly in line with our process when you chatted to them on the 21st.

With regards to your billing, the reason this didn't come off the bill you expected it to is because the bill had already produced before the credits were originally given and the credits we apply are then added to the next bill with us.

In raising an indemnity claim this cancels the Direct Debit agreement with us and you have to then pay your bill manually.

If you were not aware that raising an Indemnity would cancel your DD agreement with us then my sincere apologies.

When a DD is cancelled if you do not then make a payment for the balance before the next bill statement is produced you would then end up with a late payment fee on the account.

I can see this has also been discussed when you called.

Only when the current balance is cleared will we then be able to reset the DD for you.

To discuss this further with our teams if you could get in touch either via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat  where our teams can clear security with you and work to resolve any issues you have with billing or packages. As the forums are public we need to be supporting you in this way to keep your data confidential.

To speak to the Webchat teams just choose the option in the column on the left that best matches your needs and tab over to the right through the menu to get to the Chat Online option.

E.g.- Account and Billing > Manage Your Account Online

Let us know how you get on and if you need anything else just give us a shout.

Take care.




Forum Team

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