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Re: Terrible Speeds Bristol BS7

Every time you post you send yourself to the back of the queue for a reply, forum staff reply to the oldest posts first.

As to your problem, the SNR is low on channel 11 which won't be helping matters.

Give them a call and book someone to come out and look at it.


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Re: Terrible Speeds Bristol BS7

But is anyone actually owning the problem from Virgin Media? This Forum is littered with the same issue of poor down load speeds and great upload speeds. Indeed the entire community board is a goldmine of data being thrown at Virgin yet it's the same response from them every time. 

What I'm struggling to grasp is why the staff are not flagging up that there is clearly a structural problem with the infrastructure so many people are posting the same issue. I genuinely do not understand why they keep asking the same questions of everybody.

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Re: Terrible Speeds Bristol BS7

[ Edited ]

New customers are never, ever told about existing 'faults' - of the type high utilisation (oversubscription), SNR etc. If the official answer, which is always going to be VM pre-loaded, is that sales staff cannot see 'faults', then the entire customer base response would also be suitably pre-loaded. Faults are clearly logged. For as long as VM has been operating these must have been tracked along with the affected location. There could be no customer-justifiable reason, after all this time, why VM would have a system operating that very deliberately 'prevents' sales from seeing this. Staff on this forum and support have instant access to this information. The single primary reason for this is one of 'allowed miss-selling' - ofcom etc currently and very actively turn a blind eye to this. 

With oversubscription (/crippling speed reductions below short-term (i.e. fix timeously pending) acceptable levels), from my own experience and countless others here and elsewhere you are never going to be told proactively that a fault has been raised. You absolutely must be savvy, determined and persistent enough to let the staff you're communicating with know that you know something is significantly different from what it should be. Only then will they reveal to you a fault number - and that can take many calls. Unfortunately, the biggest issue is that the vast majority of customers are simply unaware and believe the standard smokescreen of "your suffering from an accepable peak time speed reduction" - this is very good for VM since they don't have to invest in cabinet fixes when they should be, and on that bombshell...

VM are publicly displaying one clear mission: to fully saturate - as far as they can get away with it - all available local cabinet /network bandwidth thus removing all headroom in order to fully maximises profit for the current infrastructure. In the long term this will dramatically backfire since, once the competition catches up, the public will never forgive or forget.

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Re: Terrible Speeds Bristol BS7

Hi RenoRanes,


Thanks for getting back to me and apologies for not getting back to you sooner.


I can see on your account that you have arranged an engineer appointment to check this over.


Let us know how the visit goes and if there is an improvement. If you can post speedtests from a wired connection after the visit rather than wireless that would be helpful.


Speak soon


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