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Superhub 2 bad reception

I am having problems with both 2g and 5g channels. Sitting no more than 4metres and clear view of SH2 and my network buffers, takes ages to refresh pages or Facebook.  I am constantly switching between 2g and 5g but this doesn't seem to help. A reboot doesn't seem to help. I have been through all the channel configurations and that doesn't help. Speed test runs OK at 70mbs which I think is right. Everything wired is OK xbox, sky q. 

It seems to be the wifi that is playing up. Using wifi analyser it suggests a better channel, I change to the suggested channel, and it then suggests a different channel or the original.

There are normally only 2 or 3 items using wifi.  Any ideas?

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Re: Superhub 2 bad reception

With the wifi analyser suggesting different channels it would suggest that your wireless environment is congested with many neighbouring networks competing for space. Wireless environments are dynamic and it only takes one person to change channels to cause a cascade effect, with other people reacting to the change in the wireless environment. Bear in mind that WiFi scanners do not show interference from domestic appliances likw A\V streaming devices, Baby monitors, Chordless phones, Microwave ovens, Plasma TVs, Security systems, etc. etc.

The 5Ghz band is wider than the 2.4Ghz band so should be less congested, so should be less affected by interference. However, you seem to have a problem, there as well. I take it you have tried changing channels on that band as well.

The SH2 can be a bit finecky will wireless sometimes so it may be worth doing a factory reset of the hub, (You can also do it from the Hub's GUI)  bearing in mind all setting will revert back to their default values printed on the hub and all port forwarding rules and MAC reservations will be lost unless backed up beforehand.

The hubs are basic entry level devices and a decent third party router will give you a better overall coverage, but whether is will completely solve your problems will depend on how bad your wireless environment is affected.

At the end of the day you cannot match a wired connection for speed and reliability.