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Super slow broadband

Wow for the 13th day running now i have the slowest ever broadband speed of all time it is actually now under 0.5 meg at peak times

 Question 1 : Why do Virgin media think this is quite acceptable?  (I pay £30 monthly for 50 meg not 0.5). After many phone calls i was actually told this will be going on until the end of November and maybe December but no promises that it will be running normally in January 2017.

I was offered ...wait for it amazing ? £7.50 credit wow that will make everything ok

So i asked them to close the account its just not worth it.  VM did then try to explain why my broadband was producing such slow speeds but to be honest i was by then too furious to listen. It was something about work being carried out. and they have known about this for some time.

Question 2: So why is this never ever mentioned when you check your service status ?, i have done this many times and there is no mention of any broadband fault in my area every time i check 

Anyway back to my ordeal as a good will gesture (because i was closing my account) i was then offered a £30.25 credit, by this time i had made my mind up a quick phone call to BT was needed

So after 10 years / going back to when the service was called was Telewest you have finally given me no choice... 0.5 meg broadband speeds at peak times or just go to another broadband provider. What do you think i am going to do Virgin Media?

Oh and the only reason i am writing this is because when your broadband speeds are this slow there is not much else you can do with it.




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Re: Super slow broadband

I get often similar results and have a similar story. Virgin claim High Utilization and then do nothing about it. They have been promising for 3 years giving date after date in the future when it should be fixed. Date passes, still crap speeds. If I get up at 7am I can get 200Mb. Nothing wrong with my equipment. Con artists! They should only charge you for what you receive. I will be going soon