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Spoke to retention dept. waste of time :(

I am a long suffer of over utilisation and currently get £10 credit per month of my bill, I am currently paying £23 which is still way too high for the level of service I am actually getting, if i was to pay them £10 a month then that would still be to much, last night it was at its worst 200kbps when I am paying for a 100mb connection.

I rang retentions dept. as I wanted them to up my credit due to the £2.99 monthly price increase to which they told me this is the highest I can expect to get so not only is the service getting worse I now have to pay more per month for the privilege (£26 per month), this company just gets worse.  Everyone you speak to cannot give you a straight answer, he said your next fix date is December I said well I’ll take that as another lie from VM to go with the previous 3/4 fix dates I have had.

God do I wish sky or bt did fibre in my area Smiley Sad I feel so angry that they allowed getting away with this...

I would hope that someone from the VM Foum team can pick this post up please?


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Re: Spoke to retention dept. waste of time :(

Hey Smurff37,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


Apologies for the on-going fault in your area, you're being patient and I appreciate it.


I'm sorry that your connection doesn't appear to be improving, please note the dates we provide are reviews rather than fixes, this is when we can expect the fault ticket to be updated.


We're not able to increase the rolling credit amount as this is set and restricted. Please keep in touch with us and we will be more than happy to give you progress updates.


Thanks again for your continued patience.

Take care.



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