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Speed dropped excruciatingly , Real 15mbs? where is my 70mbs?!?!?!


Obviously I can't contact you by online chat so this is the only option to reach someone who may help.

For last few weeks I was wondering why everything works so slow, but only couple days ago I checked connection speed, and I found the problem. Since when 70mbs( as on my contract) is only range from 1mbs to max 15mbs?!

I can't see the reason to pay so much money for 15mb when I can have faster broadband for less with different provider!T

That speed is absolutely a joke, and I hope that someone will look closer to it and fix it quick, otherwise there are different option to go for.




I've contacted via chat with someone and he apparently updated some channels etc to make it work better. Is still crap, at the moment shocking 2mbs

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Re: Speed dropped excruciatingly , Real 15mbs? where is my 70mbs?!?!?!

Hi there sorga,


I'm sorry to hear about the connection fault experienced.


I'd like to help with this but I'm unable to locate your account information at the moment.


Could you respond via private message if possible with the following?:


  • Name of the account holder
  • Home address



Speak soon,



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