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Speed Upgrade disappeared


I have been a VM customer for years, last year around Oct/Nov (I think) when I logged into my account and there was have a section at the top (like a big bubble) saying

"Hold on tight. Your speed boost is on the way…

Your speed upgrade will be ready to take your connection from up to 152Mbps to up to 200Mbps"

I moved house in December (3 weeks ago) and transferred all my services.  At the time I arranged the self install with the help of someone over the phone who pointed out I was still on the original super hub and I would need the super hub 3 to be able to take advantage of my speed boost, he said I would only need to pay £5.99 for it to be delivered but not to worry about it now and contact you again in a few weeks when the speed boost arrives. 

I logged in today and the bubble message about the boost is gone however I am still on 152mb.  I tried using the live chat to ask about this and he kept saying I was on 152mb not 200mb and that I needed to pay 14.99 for delivery.

I am quite confused about this, has my free speed boost been revoked because I moved house?  It would seem a bit unfair considering all the price hikes the past few years

Could someone enlighten me please

Thanks for your time

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Speed increase disappeared

Hey luppy

Thanks for dropping by with your Speed Boost query, it's great to see you coming back to us as I can see it's been a while since you last posted here Smiley Happy

For us to be able to find out what is happening here for you if you could pop back to me on the pm I'm sending to you for me to get address details I'll then take a look into this for you.

You can find this in the next to your forum name.

Hope to speak soon Smiley Happy



Forum Team

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