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Slow speeds = early exit?


I have had it with Virgin.  We are supposed to get 50MBPS.  In the middle of the night, or very early in the morning, we get about 30.  The rest of the time we get 3-4 and often cannot get online at all.  Virgin say they can't find any faults, but I assume there is not enough capacity overall, hence the slowdown when anyone else is online?

i understand oftcom changed the rules recently, so that you can leave providers early if they consistently fail to provide advertised speeds.  Does anyone know anything about this?

i get the chirpy responses from the team, but am getting really frustrated paying £35 a month for dial up speeds.  


I understand that Ofcom change

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Re: Slow speeds = early exit?

Under the 'June 2015 Voluntary Code of Practice' under section '4th Principle: Managing customers’ speed related problems' it states...

"If, following notification of the fault to the ISP, the ISP has
taken all reasonable steps to ensure the fault is corrected
(including those set out above), and the customer has
implemented the measures advised by the ISP but continues
to receive an access line speed below the minimum
guaranteed access line speed then the ISP must offer the
customer the opportunity to leave their contract immediately,
and without penalty."

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Re: Slow speeds = early exit?

Hi ccwisaway

Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear of the slow speeds you've been experiencing, I'll certainly take a look into this with you. When running some tests on your connection everything looks great, The peak time traffic climbs slightly but looks healthy and is below the thresholds. Are you connected wired or wireless when testing the speed? If it's over wireless can you test via ethernet to see if there is any improvement? 

Speak soon,


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