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Slow speeds, DNS issues, service test failing and other issues

I have recently used free upgrade to 200mb package and since the upgrade I have started getting slower speeds than before on both wireless and wired connections.

I also started getting loads of DNS issues (tested in many browsers), which is the "DNS Probe Finished No Internet", "Resolving Host", "Waiting for xxxx" and "Connecting", which makes internet browsing horrible as it takes like 30-60s and loads of page refreshing to load the websites. (Tried using Google DNS and other solutions and it did not help at all)

Virgin media's Broadband service test stops at 34% and displays the error message.

My mailbox is also inaccessible.

Few of my friends received the newest superhub 3 after the free speed upgrade, maybe my old superhub 2 can't keep up with the 200mb package or is faulty?

Would be amazing if you could help.

All of the screenshots attached:


Virgin media's broadband service testVirgin media's broadband service test

Downstream levelsDownstream levels

 Upstream levelsUpstream levelsNetwork Log - Removed my ipNetwork Log - Removed my ipMailbox inaccessibleMailbox inaccessible

DNS issuesDNS issues

Thank you,

Kind Regards,


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Re: Slow speeds, DNS issues, service test failing and other issues

Doubtful that it is an issue with the modem. The SH2's are much more stable than the SH3's. You can check the other threads on this forum if you doubt it Smiley Very Happy

Much less connection jitters with the SH2. 

You could try using an alternative DNS like OpenDNS. See how that goes for you.

if you are willing to throw a bit of money at the issue too, you could have your cable modem work in modem only mode and purchase a 3rd party router, like the Asus RT-N66U which you can get second hand for like 30 quid on some of the auction websites. Much better router, especially when you install Asuswrt-Merlin. 

Likely these will help but I don't think they are the root cause of your issue. Since it seems to have worked previously well before but it does not now, I don't know the answer. I'd still suggesting doing these though. You'll get much better wifi coverage than the SH2. 

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Re: Slow speeds, DNS issues, service test failing and other issues

Hi there joannnap,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


My apologies that you are having issues with your broadband connection.


I've managed to locate your account, the stats are showing as within range and there are no faults reported. However there has been a number of time-outs reported within 8 days of the router being online. When you get chance can you re-boot the router and if you notice further DNS issues or disconnections, can you re-post the network log please? With the DNS errors, does this happen on all your devices or just the one?


In regards to the speeds, can you complete a speed test whilst the Super Hub is in modem mode please? On the PC/laptop you are testing with, does it show as a gigabit LAN card and are you using a Cat 5e or above Ethernet cable?


With the mailbox not being available, if you are still having this issue can you post on the email board please and one of my colleagues will check this for you.


Let me know how you get on


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