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Slow speed after 5pm - Bradford BD13

Posting this not in any hope of getting a solution, more to highlight the issue and advise and warn anyone that may stumble across this on a Google search or similar. 

I have what appears to be a contention issue in my area - Queensbury, Bradford, BD13. Every day my connection speed slows down from 5pm onwards. During the day I hit 45mbps+, then in the evening it's usually 2-3mbps, sometimes it's been below 1mbps. The upload remains a constant 3mbps.

I used to work in broadband technical support and IT, so I've checked and I'm certain it's no fault with my equipment. 

Furthermore we have a community Facebook page and I've noticed a few threads appearing with exactly the same symptoms - very slow speed after 5pm. On speaking to people in this group it seems that a familiar pattern emerges, Virgin telephone support run through tests to the customers equipment, then eventually admit that there is an area fault, before giving a fix date (usually around 3 months in the future). According to one customer the last fix date given was December. Surprise, surprise, this date has been and gone and a future fix date of April 2017 has been given. I have no doubt that April will also come and go without the problem being addressed.

Reading through similar threads on this very forum lead me to believe this is not in any way an isolated incident and to my mind this is blatant mis-selling by Virgin. I am out of contract so I'll be moving to BT fibre within the month, even if it does mean paying a little more money. I do feel sorry for the new joiners who are promised "Superfast Broadband" only to find it almost unusable in the evenings.

So in the vain hope of there being a solution could a moderator respond and let me know:

a. When this problem will ACTUALLY be fixed, if at all. 
b. If I'm entitled to some form of compensation for having nowhere near the speed sold to me. 


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Re: Slow speed after 5pm - Bradford BD13

Hi - posting to confirm London is the same!

I'm area 21.

My SFBB (lol) is fine during so called 'peak usage' 4pm on - but once we get to 8:30pm the speed drops off gradually until nothing will load,

Until by 9:30pm not even a browser page will load (times out) - so I give up, switch it all off.

I do regular speed checks during drop off, and have started keeping the scores in a book, and taking screen shots of the worst.

The worst, so far was: ping time of 4196 ms / upload speed 0.03 mbs and a magnificient download speed of 0.72 mbs.

I actually rang VM Weds 4.1.17 - and was told, after some time, that there WAS a fault in my area, further described as ''congestion'' - and 

that a fix would be done by 25.1.17.

I'm still wondering what this ''congestion'' could be!!!!

Like others on other threads - my BB was fine until the upgrade to SFBB (here  - Oct 16 - straight away noticed slowness but now getting worse)


Am considering a few options:


going to the ombudsman with the evidence I now have - we are being short sold by this American owned company (At least it worked when Branson had it)


Asking for money back/off til fixed since I'm paying ££££ for SFBB and often don't even get dial up speeds


Asking to go back to 50mbs BB - at least with that we had a usable 15 - 20mbs (never got the full 50, ever!!)

To others surfing these threads for the same reasons - good luck!

 (Laughably, just as I hit ''post'' - the message on my pc screen said: ''You have no internet connection'' - yet the hub's fine, pc icons all good!)

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Re: Slow speed after 5pm - Bradford BD13

Hi guitardanhx,


I'm sorry to hear your speeds are dropping during peak times, I'll definitely take a look and see what could be causing that.


I've run a few tests and can see a couple of issues affecting you at the moment. First and foremost, as per the symptoms you're experiencing, there is a lot of traffic on the network during peak times. There is an open investigation at present where our network engineers are planning to undertake some broadband upgrades to support an increased demand in the area. Once this work is completed you'll find that your peak time speeds return to normal.


The reference for the ongoing work is F004162384, the current review date is 26th April 2017. I've passed your details on to a colleague who will get in touch with you via PM with information on how you can claim a loss of service credit. They'll also update you once there's an update at the time of the next review.


In addition to this problem, I've noticed your hub's upstream power levels are a little low at the moment. This could be exacerbating the problems but it's unlikely if your peak time speeds are OK. If you feel the speeds are lower off-peak or if you're experiencing any other problems with the connection then just let me know and I'll arrange an engineer to attend.


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