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Slow internet

Hi would be really grateful if anyone can help
Getting download speeds at night of 1.5mb at work durong the day so havent compared. I have 60mbps connection, it's dreadful, tried factory resetting changing to 5ghz etc and nothing improves, my upload clocking at 4mbps more than double the download, surely not right. Connect via wireless btw, here's my logs, again any help would be greatly appreciated

DS-1 DS-2 DS-3 DS-4 DS-5 DS-6 DS-7 DS-8
Frequency (Hz) 299000000 Hz 267000000 Hz 275000000 Hz 283000000 Hz 291000000 Hz 307000000 Hz 315000000 Hz 323000000 Hz
Lock Status(QAM Lock/FEC Sync/MPEG Lock) Locked Locked Locked Locked Locked Locked Locked Locked
Channel ID 127 123 124 125 126 128 129 130
Modulation QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256
Symbol Rate (Msym/sec) 6.952000 6.952000 6.952000 6.952000 6.952000 6.952000 6.952000 6.952000
Interleave Depth I=12
J=17 I=12
J=17 I=12
J=17 I=12
J=17 I=12
J=17 I=12
J=17 I=12
J=17 I=12
Power Level (dBmV) 1.9 dBmV 0.7 dBmV 0.4 dBmV 0.2 dBmV 0.2 dBmV 1.6 dBmV 1.4 dBmV 2.0 dBmV
RxMER (dB) 36.9 dB 36.8 dB 36.8 dB 36.8 dB 36.9 dB 36.8 dB 36.9 dB 36.8 dB

US-1 US-2 US-3 US-4
Channel Type 2.0 2.0 N/A N/A
Channel ID 2 3 N/A N/A
Frequency (Hz) 39400000 Hz 32600000 Hz N/A N/A
Ranging Status Success Success N/A N/A
Modulation QAM16 QAM16 N/A N/A
Symbol Rate (Sym/sec) 5120000 5120000 N/A N/A
Mini-Slot Size 128 128 N/A N/A
Power Level (dBmV) 46.0 dBmV 46.5 dBmV N/A N/A
T1 Timeouts 0 0 N/A N/A
T2 Timeouts 0 0 N/A N/A
T3 Timeouts 2 2 N/A N/A
T4 Timeouts 0 0 N/A N/A

Network Log
First Time Last Time Priority Error Number Description
Refresh Clear Log
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Re: Slow internet

Your stats are fine.

You really need to test the speed whilst connected directly to the hub by ethernet cable. Wireless is affected by many external factors which makes it practically useless for testing your Internet connection speed.

If the wired speed is poor during the evening it would be worth doing a quick wired test in the morning before you go to work to check for any utilisation issues. If you get headline speeds in the morning, then it looks like your are in the unfortunate position of having a utilisation issue.

Wireless reception is affected by many factors like Range, Client hardware, the Topograpy of your home, and the big killer, Wireless interference.

First of all, I would ensure the Hub is placed in a central, open position, away from obstacles and electrical devices.

You could try changing the wireless channel manually. Downloading a wireless scanner like InSSIDer for Windows or WiFiAnalyser for Android would help by showing you the surrounding wireless networks, the channels they are broadcasting on, and their signal strengths, so you can select the best wireless channel. Bear in mind the wireless scanner will not pick up interference from sources such as A\V streaming devices, Baby monitors, Chordless phones, Microwave ovens, Plasma TVs, Security systems, etc.

Setting the Hub's radio setting to 300Mbps (or 40Mhz channel) is not advised on the 2.4GHz band as it takes up over half of the available spectrum, making it prone to wireless interference..

Using the wider, usually less congested 5Ghz band could help, if your client devices support it.

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