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Slow internet speeds at peak times


I am in area 15 in london and since the new year my broadband has become very slow at peak times, which happen to be pretty much all the time I am at home after work, and evenings at the weekend too. Sometimes it is so slow that I can't even get onto the speedtest website to check it! And this is after I have had emails to tell me I have had a speed boost and my bill has gone up!!

I have rung technical support a couple of times, the first time they told me that there was work going on in the area and it would be fixed by February 8th, I waited patiently and that date came and went with no improvement. I rung again, this time I was told that it was due to a lot of people in the area using the internet and that there was nothing that could be done unless 20% of the people in the area complained. Firstly, how is that an excuse? If you offer a service then you should be able to provide it to everyone at all times, especially if you are constantly increasing the prices, and also why is my fault alone not enough to get a problem fixed? I could be waiting ad infinitum...

I was assured that my bill would be reduced because of the issues, and then my bill came and it has been reduced by just a couple of pounds...not impressed.

Please can anyone advise me on if this sort of thing gets fixed as a lot of posts on the forums suggest this will just continue and never be fixed? And apparently I have to take the time to ring constantly to complain to get the tiny discount to my bill for a near unusable service. 



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Re: Slow internet speeds at peak times

Hey Matt,

Thanks for joining the community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear about the slow speeds you're getting right now. I've taken a look at this and I can see that we're currently working on fault: F003987110 which is being reviewed on the 10th May. While this is on-going your peak time speeds might be reduced and to resolve this we will need to reform network upgrades. The credit amount is set depending on the package you have, I'm unable to alter this amount.

I know this is an inconvenience, please accept my sincere apologies.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Take care.


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