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Slow internet - orange light blinking?

Hi all,


I live in West Ealing (London), where the speed test on my computer shows 19.5 mbps download and around 4 mbps in  upload, ie pretty low as we are paying for VIVID 100 Optical Fibre and I can personally still watch netflix and whatever, but we are paying for 100 mbps? (Apparently we will get VIVID 150 soon, but probably not gonna help much seeing how it works now..)


It is even worse for the other housemates as their internet via the Virgin router wifi works very poorly and we suspect it has to do with any of the following?

- a poorly installed router by Virgin, that does not reach all the way to the third floor, however they still cannot use internet even sitting right next to the router?

 - There is an orange light blinking at all times, should this be blinking green if functioning properly?

- out-dated computer network cards? Is that even a possibility?


Is there any way that we can improve the speed of our internet? Our post code is W13 9AS and I am the one responsible for the account. If this is not improved soon, we will have to leave Virgin media as the house mates are threatening to stop using the internet and £39.99 is a hefty price to pay per month for two people when you still only get <20 mbps..


I am grateful for any suggestion and any response I could get from the forum team and other people who might be savvy in this area.




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Re: Slow internet - orange light blinking?

Hi Jollan..
To be honest dont expect something from Virgin!!!
70 % of customers have a same or simullar problem..
And what the Virgin did ?
Nothing just steeling money from customers and promissing date time when that will be fix it!
That happend to me 2 times..
las one they promise to be fixe by 28 of docember..If not i will simply tell off Virgin!..Anyway good luck!

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Re: Slow internet - orange light blinking?

Hi there Josephine,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community.


I'm sorry to read that you are having issues with your broadband connection.


I've managed to locate your account, the line and hub have come back as fine. The network segment is running stable and healthy.


In regards to the broadband speeds, are you able to complete a speed test through a wired connection please to see if the speeds differ? Are you using a 3rd party router or a power line adaptor at all?

With the wireless signal this can be due to interference and you can try to change the wireless channel to improve the connection.

You mentioned there is an orange light blinking, do you mean from the Ethernet cable? If so that means that the cable is sync'd at 100 Mbps, when it flashes green it will be sync'd at a gigabit.


Let me know how you get on


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