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Slow evening speeds in ST3

I know it's a common theme, especially after reading many many posts on this forum, but why oh why are we paying for something that, just when we need it, fails!
We are on the basic 50Mbps package, which we get most days, but come the evenings that consistently drops to below 5Mbps and often all but stops.
We have on numerous occasions now gone through all the usual "disconnect everything and check the speed on one device connected via ethernet cable" routine, that always returns the same speeds as when we're connected wirelessly, so it's quite obviously nothing to do with the WiFi side of things.
I realise and understand to a degree that it happens because it's peak time and everyone else in the area is streaming too, but for the speed to drop by over 90% most evenings I don't believe is reasonable or right! Virgin shouldn't be selling a product that isn't fit for purpose really, I know that there is probably something way down in the small print that lets them get away with this with without any redress, but surely if my wife and I cannot sit down and stream a movie in the evening, just one movie on one device, then I feel that we are not getting anywhere near the service we are paying for.
Can anyone suggest a course of action for us to follow, or advice us a to whether this is enough to cancel our contract with virgin?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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Re: Slow evening speeds in ST3

Evening amdb9,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


My apologies you are experiencing slow broadband speeds during peak hours.


I've managed to locate your account and it appears you are affected by a high peak time traffic fault in your area which is causing slow speeds. The reference number is F004206863 and has a review date of 19th April.


To discuss this further I have sent you a PM (purple envelope icon, right corner).


Hope to hear from you soon


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