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Slow broadband the past month

Hi, so I've been experiencing issues with my VIVID 100 Optical Fibre internet the past month if not more.
When I just got it, it was absolutely fine, but as time went by it got worse and worse.

I rarely ever saw a 10MB download speed (in fact only a couple of times has it reached ~12). The past month or so it has not gone higher than 2MB.
I just did a speedtest and it came up with:
Ping 23ms, 12.57mbps download speed and 6.22mbps upload speed.

Am I seriously supposed to be paying £35 every month for this kind of internet? You advertise yourself as such a good broadband, but it's been absolutely garbage. It doesn't matter what time of day or night it is either, it's always just horrible. If it really doesn't improve in the next couple of weeks I'm thinking of cancelling my contract as this is just ridiculous. At times the broadband struggles to load up websites like Google.

My area network is 21 by the way.

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Re: Slow broadband the past month

Hi vidmis3,


Welcome to the Community!


Really sorry to hear you're experiencing speed issues.


I've located your account and I can see an issue with the network in your area affecting speeds at peak times - Ref.(F004872370). Our technicians are working to get this resolved and have set a review date of 12th April.


I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


All the best



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