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Slow broadband at peak times, was told it would be fixed in early May.

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This is a repost as i forgot about my previous post from a month ago :/

My Vivid200 internet has not been living up to its hyped performance. Whilst I get almost 50mbps at 7:00AM, at 7:00PM, I get this:

The real problem is, when I play games, specifically Counter Strike, my ping varies heavily between 20 and 300ms, and sometimes peaks at 500ms. This is unplayable and has made me a more irritable person. As a result, 4 months ago, after trying for 3 weeks, I got into a live chat with customer support. I was told it would be fixed on May the 10th. I look it up around April and this is fixes to the TV service, as if that would help the issues.

If I'm spending £80 for 200mbps, I do expect at least near to that number, and not a hundred+ times slower. Help ASAP would be appreciated.


Also, this is directly through ethernet.

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