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Slow and laggy internet

A technician just came like 4 hours ago and he said he fixed the problem...

For some reason the internet started going slow again

I would love some help 


Channel Frequency(Hz) Power
(dBmV) SNR
(dB) Modulation Channel ID
12350000004.840.9256 qam5
23230000003.940.9256 qam16
33150000003.940.3256 qam15
43070000003.740.3256 qam14
5299000000440.9256 qam13
62910000003.740.3256 qam12
72830000003.940.3256 qam11
82750000003.540.9256 qam10
92670000003.540.3256 qam9
102590000003.940.3256 qam8
112510000004.540.9256 qam7
122430000004.640.9256 qam6
132270000004.940.3256 qam4
142190000004.640.9256 qam3
152110000004.640.3256 qam2
162030000004.440.9256 qam1


Upstream bonded channelsChannel IDFrequency(Hz)ModePower
(dBmV)ModulationChannel Bandwidth(Hz)Symbol Rate (ksps)231000000ATDMA5064 qam64000005120137600000ATDMA5064 qam64000005120

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Forum Team
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Re: Slow and laggy internet

Hi there Biscuit123,

Hope all is well. I appreciate you posting back on the community.

Apologies you are still having an issue with your broadband connection.

Looking at your connection, the power levels/snr are now within the correct range which is good. I was unable to find any issues on the network that would cause you to experience slow speeds.

On your last thread, you mentioned that you are unable to test through a wired connection which I can understand. Taken that into considering, this issue may be due to wireless interference and you can change the wireless channel to improve the connection. If you can try this and let us know how you get on, that would be great.

Speak soon


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