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Slow Speed Sub HUb3

Recently noticed slow speeds on my unto 200mbs broad band i did a speed test this morning and had a download speed of 6mbs. But when i do a service check online it says there a problem reset my equipment and try again in 10 minutes to know avail.

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Re: Slow Speed Sub HUb3

When testing your connection to eliminate wireless interference, connect to your Virgin router directly with an Ethernet cable.

post your BQM results:

post your speedtest results:

post your SH3 Puma test:

post your Downstream and upstream Router status:
Access your router web portal, usually and post the screenshot of your Downstream and upstream results

Check VM Service Status:

Get Online/Contact Support:

SH3 specific latency issues:

Reset your virgin router:

Reboot your virgin router:

Guide to your virgin router lights:

Troubleshoot your virgin router:

Power Levels and SNR Primer:

--I'm just another virgin user like you. Please mark my answer as helpful, if it helped Smiley Happy
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Re: Slow Speed Sub HUb3

Hi RJMMultiTrade


Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry to hear of the slow speeds you have been experiencing. I've run a check on your connection and I can see that there is currently a fault raised  causing slow speeds around peak times F003864632. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this fault ticket. There is a review date scheduled for 05/04/2017 and we can certainly check closer to this date for any updates.

 As you ran a speed test in the morning it doesn't look like this fault will have had much on an impact on the result though. Are you testing your speed over a wired or wireless connection? 


Speak soon 



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