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Quite possibly SLOWEST speed ever record with Virgin?

It says a lot that I am currently writing this via tethering with my iPhone.

We have been in an over-subscribed area since returning to University this year (September) however I think we have hit an all time low when it comes to speeds. 

Never mind the fact that it took a good 30 seconds to load the speed test beta (HTML5) website, after a shocking 1267ms ping, it managed to jolt the needle to about 0.28Mbps - and only just. 

I mean honestly, Virgin? What year is it, 1999? You're giving me barely above dial-up internet. This is supposed to be 'magic' DOCSIS 3.0 fibre optic Usain Bolt level stuff. And you give me 280Kbps, a 1267ms ping with packet loss to boot.

If I had the time to do it I would write a report that rivals the Chilcot Inquiry in length and send it to Ofcom about these business practices. I bet if I walked in to my local Virgin store, which I have done in the past, you'd still be signing up new customers to a 200Mbps package on my street. 


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Re: Quite possibly SLOWEST speed ever record with Virgin?

The speedtest beta website doesn't seem to be very good at reporting speeds accurately.  Try to see if you can get a lower ping.


The regular site gives me this:


Beta gives me this:

The link to graphics doesn't work.

Speeds are up & down at the moment as there are faults on the service status in area 20.

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Re: Quite possibly SLOWEST speed ever record with Virgin?

Exactly the same issue here in area 26 and Virgin have been of no use whatsoever! Paying for a service I am not getting and am unable to contact anyone about it. Have rang Virgin twice today and sat in a queue for over 20 minutes each time with no answer, and there is no email adress I can contact. From looking at the forum this appears to a widespread issue and Virgin are doing nothing that we are aware of about it. Seriously considering contacting the Ombudsman about this, as well as paying for something I am not getting, I am also losing money on other services like Amazon Prime as the speed to too slow for streaming video, more money gone. Have raised a question on the forum and hoping someone from Virgin picks up soon or I will be cancelling my entire package, at the minute a carrier pigeon would be faster than my email. Disgusted!!!

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Re: Quite possibly SLOWEST speed ever record with Virgin?

Hi Sheza,


Thanks for posting!


Sorry for the trouble you've had with this.


I've run a check on your account and everything is looking OK at the moment. All your levels are as they should be and there are no open network issues. Are you still experiencing issues with your speed?


Speak soon Smiley Very Happy




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