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Problems streaming Spotify on Sonos system

I have the 150mb service, Superhub 2 running in modem mode with a Netgear wireless router.

All is working fine, apart from trying to stream Spotify with my Sonos system. I get constant "The connection to Spotify was lost" errors, with tracks breaking up and playing for about a minute before skipping to the next track. Playing tracks locally from my music library works fine, which appears to rule out wifi issues.

This doesn't happen all the time - there have been a couple of evenings when I was able to play Spotify tracks fine with no interruptions for several hours - but more often than not I get connection problems.

Internet browsing is generally OK, and playing internet radio over Sonos works fine.

TIA for any help! Smiley Happy

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Re: Problems streaming Spotify on Sonos system

Hi there Anorakus,


Thanks for joining the community, welcome!


Sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having with your Sonos system.


I've not had that much experience with Sonos, so I'd like to check that your internet connection is performing as it should. Would you please be able to perform a speed test from and reply with your results, this will show us what speeds you're getting.


You might need to seek support from Sonos directly if we find your connection is fine. I'll also leave your thread open so members of the community can jump in with advice.


Speak with you soon,

Take care.


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