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Poor service, Disconnection every 30 seconds

promised 100 mb/s, I'm getting 1.3mb/s after 12 tonight...

not even the worst part, when my internet does work I'm getting around 30mbs which is good but the big but..

every 30 seconds (task manager graphs show this consistently) for around 1-3 seconds my internet will disconnect and reconnect. this doesn't just happen for e.g. night when there's lots of traffic(not that that's a valid excuse), it happens all day every day and its ridiculous

I know a lot about pc's and I know for certain its not my computer as every other device in the house has the same issue, its unlikely to be the router as it is fairly new (2-3 months) and it is out of reach from e.g. accidental damage, I don't understand how your service can be this bad?

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Forum Team
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Re: Poor service, Disconnection every 30 seconds

Hiya ChrisLad99,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community.


My apologies you are having issues with your broadband connection and for the inconvenience caused.


Looking at your connection, there are 2 faults reported in your area.

1. High peak time traffic fault which is causing slow speeds. The reference number is F004985744 and has a review date of 10th May.

2. SNR (signal to noise ratio) fault which is causing intermittent connection, with reference number F005072726 and a review date of 27th February.




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