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Poor internet speed in NR4 area

I have been receiving very poor internet speeds. This started to happen around 2 months ago. The internet speed can often drop down to 0.2Kbps during peek times. Are there any known issues in the area that may be affecting my internet speed? 

Here is my current internet speed:

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Re: Poor internet speed in NR4 area

I'm in NR4 and download speeds are shocking for me too - just ran speedtests and got 2Mbs.  Web browsing is back to how it used to be on dial up :-/

Seems to be happening every evening now - despite having just been "upgraded" from 50Mbs to 70Mbs!!!

Getting annoyed because it is not cheap - at least my contract is running out soon.


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Re: Poor internet speed in NR4 area

Hi Jornie22, 

Thanks for the post! I am sorry to hear about your issues with poor internet speeds. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I have tested things from here and I can see that all of your downstream power levels are too low and will require an engineer to attend in order to resolve things for you.

I will send you a PM (purple envelope at the top) detailing what's required to proceed with making the booking. Please respond to me there and I'll get this all sorted for you.

Take care, 



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