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Poor download speeds in WS4 1PL

Has any one else in WS4 1PL obtaining very low download speeds between 5.00 and 11.00pm daily?

I have been in contact with Virgin Meadia at Director at Swansea for over five months complaining to no avail. They have suggest that I take them to the CISAS due to the complaint being over eight weeks old and even supplied the phone number as 02075203814 or alternatively visit Following the last telephone call from them, i was advised that the person on the phone was to investigate my complaint and report back to the Directors what actions were being taken. I was told that it would be solved by the engineering department by the end of March and progress reports would be sent to me by Email. I have reluctantly decided to await the outcome until then and possibly be leaving VM after twenty years being a customer. My current download speeds between 5.00 and 11.00pm average around 1Mbps. Netfix impossible to watch due to buffering.

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