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Poor Upload Speeds

Good afternoon


I've just spent the better part of 40 minutes on the phone with the internet support and customer services  (having been passed around 5 different operators only to be met with "I'm sorry, we cant take your call right now" message when being passed on for the 6th time.


I was querying the upload speeds I have always had from VM as previously I had never had a reason to need faster uploads - right now after many MANY results I am always showing around 0.5 - 0.6 upload when I am assured my package should get me much higher than that (anywhere from 6mbps to 10mbps as a standard - and also assured by support the lowest it should ever go is 4mbps). My router status upstream is as follows:


Upstream   US-1 US-2 US-3 US-4

Channel Type2.0N/AN/A2.0
Channel ID6N/AN/A5
Frequency (Hz)39400000N/AN/A46200000
Ranging StatusTimeout T4OtherOtherSuccess
Symbol Rate (Sym/sec)5120000N/AN/A5120000
Mini-Slot Size4N/AN/A4
Power Level (dBmV)46.00N/AN/A47.50
T1 Timeouts0000
T2 Timeouts0000
T3 Timeouts64001
T4 Timeouts49000


I'm just wondering if there is anything there that anyone can see that I could possibly take back to VM and talk to them about because for 40 minutes I was very frustrated at the teams lack of knowledge around the issue I was telling them about.



Andrew Dean

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Re: Poor Upload Speeds

There are quite a few T3 errors and T4 errors showing in the error counters, but without the network logs they cannot be put in a time frame to establish if they are historic or contemporary.

A bunch of T3 errors in a short space of time would suggest a upstream problem that could cause slow upstream speeds.

You will need to contact VM for resolution, either by waiting here anout a week until a VM Forum Team Member picks up the thread, or give them a call again if you wish, but you may be given the runaround again.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Poor Upload Speeds

Are you wired directly into the hub?
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