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Poor Speeds in Evening - Vivid 200 Gamer

Not sure if its the run up to christmas but speeds seem poor this week, download speed varying between 50 and the advertised 200.





Area Reference 01

Superhub 3 (Yes aware of the intel issue)

Standard specification compliant: DOCSIS 3.0
Hardware version: 10
Software version

: 9.1.116V


Downstream bonded channels Channel Frequency(Hz) Power
(dBmV) SNR
(dB) Modulation Channel ID

1299000000938.6256 qam17
23230000009.138.6256 qam20
33150000008.938.6256 qam19
43070000008.838.6256 qam18
52910000008.837.6256 qam16
62830000008.537.3256 qam15
72750000008.437.3256 qam14
82670000008.637.6256 qam13
92590000008.637.3256 qam12
102510000008.938.6256 qam11


Upstream bonded channels Channel ID Frequency(Hz) Mode Power
(dBmV) Modulation Channel Bandwidth(Hz) Symbol Rate (ksps)

1737600000ATDMA39.564 qam64000005120
1831000000ATDMA39.564 qam64000005120


Operational Configuration General Configuration Value

Network access
Maximum Number of CPEs
Baseline Privacy
Docsis Mode
Config file
Primary Downstream Service Flow
Max Traffic Rate230100000
Primary Upstream Service Flow
Max Traffic Rate22000000

Understand that on vivid 200 gamer we are not managed down if download / upload too much, obviously appreciate there will be traffic shaping in place but this is just basic speed test.  

We also appear to have a mains powered amplifier / booster supplied by virgin media that connects to the incoming cable. 

House is wired up through a rack mounted gigabit netgear switch first time we've really had any issue other than the ongoing latency problem with the superhub 3.


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Re: Poor Speeds in Evening - Vivid 200 Gamer











Not looking very hopeful is it?  Looking at the number of complaints it seems that this is a national issue too.  i would have a lot more respect for Virgin Media if they were honest with us instead of the radio silence. They posted a card through the door the other day too from one of their sales guys asking to give them a call to arrange an appointment to discuss installing virgin media, can't even be bothered to check their records to see if someone has a connection before harassing them!  

Please VM try investing money in a rock solid infrastructure and the service will sell itself without a need for hard sell.  Trust me i'm an IT consultant, we provide rock solid IT services and a solid infrastructure, we aren't the cheapest but word of mouth is great sales tool.  


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Re: Poor Speeds in Evening - Vivid 200 Gamer

Hi there scania71,


Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.


I'm sorry to see that you are having issues with your broadband speeds.


I've run some tests on your connection, the line and hub have come back as fine which is good. The traffic on the network is running low and there are no faults reported.


Have you tried a speed test direct to the Hub without the switch connected to see if the speeds differ?


Let us know how you get on


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