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Poor Service

As mentioned last Thursday, lost broadband service, reported to faults at VM advised an engineer would call tomorrow (Tuesday) to fix. Tried to explain that the fault was not at my premises since broadband to both Tivo box and the home router was down.

Next morning all was well.The VM fairies had worked their magic overnight - but should I cancel the engineers visit or not. At the time I joked that we would lose service again before Tuesday, but it was a joke, and playing fair I cancelled the engineers visit.

Just been contacted by me wife to say that the broadband is down again. I hope VM enjoy the £87.06 they took by direct debit from my bank account this morning, as the way they are performing the Sky Q box is looking very attractive.

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Re: Poor Service

If you'd had an issue and booked an engineer, even if it suddenly fixes itself it's worth having the engineer come visit still, and not cancelling, as you can explain what happened to them and (hopefully) they can look into what the potential cAuses were to prevent them Happening in the future.
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