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Overutilisation in North Edinburgh.

Noticed erratic pings and high (5%+) packet loss a month or so ago during peak times which made streaming any kind of live content or gaming entirely unviable. Any application that relies on UDP straight up do not work (I'm a web developer and use a multitude of tools that use UDP so yes, this is causing me some grief). I am paying £45/mo for applications that frankly my phone's LTE would do just fine. 

Paying for 200mb, that yes, we get before 4pm on weekdays which is great. After 4, once the kids in the area get home it goes to absolute trash. Weekends are 24/7 trash.

I phoned support (as painful as it was to convey the problem) and she finally confirmed my theory that the exchange is in fact overutilised. She assured me that the problem has been "escalated". That doesn't mean anything to me.

Now, this would be less of a problem if I had a choice of providers of greater than ADSL speeds, but I do not - fastest non Virgin speeds for our postcode are about 8:1Mb. Virgin have a monopoly on fibre here in North Edinburgh, at least in our specific area and that alone is enough for me to believe they simply do not care about the quality of the service here.


Now, to the point - I am wondering if anyone here has information that could give me the leverage needed to force a change, because - as far as I know - 100% of customers on this exchange with Virgin will be experiencing this and that is frankly a gross injustice. I have heard CISAS can arrange reparations for a poor service and this is supremely poor service (and I have all the evidence they could ask for).

I will be urging neighbours who have noticed a problem (all of the 8 or so routers in range from our place are Virgin routers) to complain and be sharing information about reparations if that is an option.

We are roughly near the pointer on this map. The blue spots are exchanges.


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Re: Overutilisation in North Edinburgh.

Hi, we are in Currie and it's the same issue. Been complaining for ages.

"Bartman" posted this

fergiet wrote:

Been having slow speed issues for ages. Got this reply after a tweet.


If VM are 100% at fault, utilisation (over subscribing) is their problem, then make a formal complaint with VM, after 8 weeks if its not resolved take it to CISAS, follow my simple guide to make it easier.

You can, if you provide enough evidence to CISAS you can get up to, if not more than 50% of your BB costs.

Hit them in their pocket not yours.

Also, TBH, the more that complain paints a picture to CISAS, and in turn OFCOM might get involved, it might be a small percentage, but its a big enough percentage to make heads turn.

Don't procrastinate, go and do it.

Good luck

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