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Only 14 mbps on 200mbps package

On superhub 2 .......daily average 13/14mbps  download 7/8 mbps upload on a 200mbps package 

Low usage - only stream rarely download max @2 people using at any one time 

Drops out constantly from around 4pm 

tried everything ,followed everything ......I have a wifi extender upstairs , the router is in an unobstructed position , I have tried every darn channel .My devices are configured correctly . Its "Adequate" for daytime use but evening use is becoming impossible at times & progressively getting worse .

We require a good connection as we have to use Skype for contacting family in Ireland .Is it time to start the dreaded phone calls  ! Any suggestions welcome , it wasnt like this when we first came to Virgin but seems to be getting worse  

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Forum Team
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Re: Only 14 mbps on 200mbps package

Hello tigsyuk,

Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the forum Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear that you're getting slow speeds at the moment.

What are your hard-wired speeds like? Does your speed alter at certain times of the day / night at all?

Please get back to us so we can continue to investigate.

Take care.


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