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Not amused VM (ticket reference F004609103)

So, here i am again.

a little back story:

A few years back i experienced slow, unreliable internet supplied by Virgin Media, posting on the server and many chats with customer support the issue was resolved... (i think this took around 6 MONTHS) the issue appeared to be over utilisation network in the SM6 reigon. some thing was done and my ip changed and i had no issues after that (somthing involving a line card and bieng moved to a less crowded portion of the VM network) i wont lie, the details are kinda hazy.

fast forward to today:

i have recently moved into the SM5 area and was happy to take my VM contract with me (as i had little issues after the above) the installation went smoothly and i enjoyed 100Mbps without issue.... untill now

my modem has been resetting constantly, and in times when i am connected my connected download speeds fluctuate to the point where my home network is bought to its knees. i called support and he quote the old "issues in your area" line, even though the status page lists none, i enquire as to a fix date and he tells me FEBRUARY?!! i nearly fell out of my chair, he quoted the ticket reference above and told me apart from calling every month to get a discount there was nothing that can be done.

so here we go again, i tried finding my old posts to back all this up but i think they may have been purged from the system as it was so long ago.

so less than a month in to my "new contract" and i appear to be in another situation where i have to endure sub-par connections, with constant router resets and stress levels which are now beyond those which are safe and "normal"

now what the young chappie on the phone neglected to tell me what the issue actually was, if some one could enlighten me i would appreciate it.

status 29/11/2016status 29/11/2016downstream 1-8downstream 1-8downstream 9 -16downstream 9 -16UpstreamUpstreamLOG 1LOG 1LOG 2LOG 2LOG 3LOG 3LOG 4LOG 4log 5log 5

i am eager to get this resolved asquickly as possible, as in my experience this fix will inevitably be pushed back multiple times and i will be left waiting another 6+ months. i dont want promises that cant be kept or simple shrug offs. when the service works, its great, but then again it should do.

sorry for the long ranty post and the overuse of the snippit tool (i wanted you to see as i do)

note: at the time of writing this all seems buisness as usual.. but then again its not peak. the logs should show the information on earlier disconnects and if its any use i have a 6dB attenuator on my router.

many thanks and i look forward to your response


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Re: Not amused VM (ticket reference F004609103)

Basically it's over utilization. Phone staff scripts call it a fix date but it's not, it is only a review date. If you think it's a fix date you will be dissapointed like many others.

Honestly don't know why they can't update their scripts in the call centre to at least not call it a fix date.
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