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Network Congestion in TF3 area

I have noticed recently that peak time speeds have really decreased. During the day, I can hit 220mbps, which is fantastic. In the evenings, it struggles to hit 20mbps.

I have worked at a rival ISP for many years, so understand the in's and out's of network structure, capacity and function, so I totally understand that I can not expect the advertised speeds 24/7. However, barely hitting 10% of the headline speed is a bit hard to swallow, especially when prices have been creeping up.

So, brass tacks..

Speed test result...

 Tech stats from the Superhub (look fine to me..)

Modem Initialisation Stage Status

Downstream AcquisitionLocked
Primary Frequency291000000 Hz
Time Of Day19:24:25 GMT
Counters T1,T2,T3,T4,Sync,Resets000,000,001,000,000,000


Downstream Channels Lock Status Channel ID Frequency Modulation Rx Power RxMER Pre RS Errors Post RS Errors

Locked86291000000 Hz256 QAM-0.2 dBmV 37.6 dB320296
Locked83267000000 Hz256 QAM-0.2 dBmV 37.1 dB312291
Locked84275000000 Hz256 QAM-0.3 dBmV 37.1 dB936933
Locked85283000000 Hz256 QAM-0.3 dBmV 37.1 dB288284
Locked87299000000 Hz256 QAM-0.6 dBmV 36.4 dB299297
Locked88307000000 Hz256 QAM-0.9 dBmV 37.4 dB961961
Locked89315000000 Hz256 QAM-0.8 dBmV 38.3 dB970970
Locked90323000000 Hz256 QAM-0.8 dBmV 37.1 dB886886


Upstream Channels Lock Status Channel ID Frequency Modulation Tx Power Mode Channel Bandwidth Symbol Rate

Locked2025800000 HzATDMA43.8 dBmV16QAM6400000 Hz5120 Ksym/sec
NotLocked00 Hz 0 dBmV  0 Ksym/sec
NotLocked00 Hz 0 dBmV  0 Ksym/sec
Locked1932600000 HzATDMA43.8 dBmV16QAM6400000 Hz5120 Ksym/sec


All results are wired, with the superhub acting in router mode. Direct 1 gig connection between testing PC and superhub.

As i touched on before, I know it will be capacity locally, so i hope this can be picked up and passed on to planning to get a bit more capacity provided locally.

Anyone else locally having the same issues? Post in the thread. The more the merrier!


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Forum Team
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Re: Network Congestion in TF3 area

Hi dr_kippen,


Thanks posting!


Sorry to hear you're experiencing speed issues.


I've located your account and I can see an issue with the network in your area affecting speeds at peak times - Ref.(F003339184). Our technicians are working to get this resolved and have set a review date of 12th April.


I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



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